Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Anyone for Chocolate?

Hello there, come see what I've made.......

Isn't this just the cutest little box? I happen to think it is. I have actually made 16 of these gorgeous little things. It measures roughly 7cm (2 3/4 ") across, 3cm (1 6/16 ths ") high, that's just the bottom section where your goodies would go, I hope that makes sense to you? The whole box is roughly 6.5 cm (2 1/2 ") high. The depth is 3.5cm ( 1 1/2 "). Pinterest once again offered up inspiration, well actually a tutorial on how to make these. A lovely lady called Teri has a video tutorial and all the details on how to make these over on her blog , Teri's Craft Spot. Just click on her name to go to her tutorial. You can make two of these boxes from one piece of A4 card stock, so very economical.

Look what fits inside...... 

Yummy two Ferrero Rocher chocolates! They fit perfectly inside the box. Wouldn't these be great as a party favour or dinner party treat on your table? I have actually made them as Easter treats, to give to all the lovely people who work at the local bakery I buy my bread from. I think it's nice to reward those who we interact with at the shops.They don't expect it so it's a lovely surprise. I know the boxes don't look particularly "Eastery" but the sentiment "sweet moments" ( from Stampin' Up's  project Life Remember This stamp set)lends itself to a sweet treat of chocolate. Instead of the Ferrero's you could put in a few mini Easter eggs. I think these would also make nice Valentine treats too.

 All materials and stamp sets used are from Stampin ' Up. Some of it is retired stock. The stamp sets are Project Life Remember This and Amazing Birthday.

Have a wonderful day. 
Cheers Donna 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Roses are red......

Roses are red......spoiler alert, this is not a Valentines post! How are you all this fine Monday?
I have been busy making these gorgeous little felt roses that just happen to be red. Take a look, aren't they cute?  I think they are and hopefully the recipients do too.

These are so gorgeous and look even better IRL (in real life). I made quite a few of these last year or maybe even the year before for my mum. My mum belongs to a group of ladies from her church who get together to craft and chat and other such activities. They even have a name for their group, "The Rubies." I thought it would be nice if they could all have a brooch to show they belonged to this auspicious group, so whipped up quite a few of these brooches as mentioned earlier.  Mum reported back that the ladies were chuffed and really loved them.
Anywhoo, mum mentioned last year that more ladies had joined and had asked where had they got the brooches from. I asked mum if she wanted me to whip up a few more. A few more turned into 12 more! Not a problem I thought, but then ran out of time last year with work and life. Well as I'm on holidays and just lazing about the house, I thought I  had better pull my finger out and make them!

  The roses start out as 2 spirals cut using  a spiral die and a big shot.  A fine line of glue placed  on the straight edge and then  wind the spiral up tight. Wind one spiral first then glue and wind the second spiral onto the first. When finished add a brooch pin underneath the final loop.

I made a tag and stamped some leaves and then punched two holes so I could then attach the rose.

Then all I had to do was package them up so they look pretty and post them to my mum. Hopefully the ladies will be surprised. Fingers crossed they love them.

Here are all 12 of them packaged up and ready to go.
 Wouldn't these look pretty in other colours? My favourite colour rose is orange what's yours?

That's all from me have a marvellous Monday. Cheers Donna

PS I forgot to say the spiral  flower die, stamped image- Bloom of Hope and scalloped tag topper  punch are all from Stampin' Up. I am not a demo.